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Product description

Chocolate and chili flavoured coffee.

  • Roast level: 2/5
  • Ingredients: Coffee (Arabica) and flavourings
  • Recipe: Flavoured Coffees are best consumed as such. You can also improve the taste of your normal coffee for example at the rate of 50/50 or however you like it. Flavored Coffees can also be used in baking or in coffee drinks.
  • Portion recommendation: 12g/2dl cup; 60g/litre
  • Allergy: Does not contain: gluten wheat, lactose, nuts, fish, soya, GMOs, sulfates.
  • Vegan, sugar free
  • Storage: Unopened package will stay fresh until the best before date;
    opened package should be used within 5 weeks. Store in a cool, dry
    place away from heat and light sources. Close the package carefully between the uses.
  • Recycling: Recycle in burnable waste/mixed waste.

Manufacturer Mokkamestarit Oy - Roasted and packed in Tampere

Nutritional values 2dl (coffee cup)
Energy (kcal) 6,8kcal
Fat 0,2g
Carbohydrates: 0,5g

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