Colombia El Progreso

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Colombia El Progreso

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Another beautiful coffee from Colombia, with limited quantity!

Discover the artistry of Colombian coffee at its finest with Castillo—a variety that combines the best of tradition and innovation. Each batch is carefully nurtured, allowing the beans to develop their unique character, resulting in a cup that reflects the dedication and craftsmanship of the passionate farmers who cultivate this extraordinary variety.

Castillo is now the most popular coffee variety being cultivated in Colombia. Released for production in 2005, it is a hybrid of Caturra and Timor with the aim to combat coffee leaf rust while maintaining the high cup quality. This variety successfully combines the rich heritage of Colombian coffee with the innovation of modern agricultural practices.

The coffee is picked when the cherries turn purple and is sorted for this special lot. It undergoes a 16-hour fermentation before depulping and another 24-hour fermentation. This is a crucial step in Julian and Oscar’s coffee production procedure to break down the sugary mucilage layer surrounding the coffee beans through the action of microorganisms and to control and enhance the flavors of the bean. Finally, the coffee is washed three times and dried in a gable-roof dryer for 10-15 days.

This microlot is a part of the Farm Select program with Banexport in Colombia. The program's purpose is to provide producers with the tools and information they need to improve coffee quality and connections with specialty coffee buyers.

Our cupping team finds a spectrum of currant-like and ripe fruits flavors with strong hints of dark chocolate and port wine. This coffee also has a rich, creamy body and medium acidity.

Product details

Roast level: 1/5

Origin: Totoro, Cauca, Colombia

Farm: El Progreso

Producer: Julian Palomino and Oscar Eduardo Realpe

Variety: Castillo

Altitude: 2060masl

Processing: Natural

Tasting notes: currant-like, ripe fruits, port wine, dark chocolate. Rich and creamy body with medium acidity.

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