Guatemala Las Brisas 3/5

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Guatemala Las Brisas 3/5

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Product description

It’s been a while since we had a medium roast for Guatemalan coffee. Now we are back with just the right roast level for the coffee that you have been asking for.

Las Brisas is a coffee farm located in Jalapa region, in the South-East of Guatemala. The name is translated into “The Breezes” or “The Winds”. This is possibly due to the cool and refreshing breezes that flow through the area in the elevation of 1600-1700masl, which makes a positive impact on the growth and the quality of the coffee here.

In Jalapa, coffee is grown under the shades of various trees: avocado, pine, oak, and some indigenous plants like guachipilin and jicaro. This factor and the influence of the rich volcanic soil allow the coffee trees and cherries to mature slowly, resulting in evenly developed beans for the best possible cup profile.

This coffee is processed with washed method, which is common for Guatemalan coffee. The cherries go through density sorting before getting depulped, 24 hours of fermentation, a final wash before getting sun-dried on a patio.

What you can expect from this coffee are mainly chocolaty and nutty flavors with hints of citrus fruits. The medium roast level has toned down the acidity so that it is suitable for you if you get heartburn with coffee. This coffee goes really well with a splash of milk also.

Product details

Origin: Las Brisas farm, Jalapa, Guatemala.

Variety: Catuai, Pache.

Altitude: 1600-1700masl.

Processing: Washed, sun-dried on a raised bed.

Tasting notes: Chocolaty and nutty, with hints of fresh citrus fruits. Medium acidity and smooth body.

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