Colombia Pink Bourbon

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Colombia Pink Bourbon

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Product description

Limited edition!

Finca Juan Martin is an innovative and experimental farm with a goal towards optimum coffee quality through working with different varieties in the highest standards of quality, organization and control depending on the environment as well as the specific needs of each variety. Juan Martin is dedicated to developing environmentally-conscious practices as well as providing jobs to community members with educational opportunities

Cauca is located in the central-western area, stretching from the Western Cordillera mountain range to the Pacific Ocean. It is considered one of the coolest regions in Colombia due to the combination of the ocean wind and high elevation. Besides, the area has the Popayan Plateau, many rivers and volcanic mountains.

This coffee is part of the Variety Select program where the lots are comprised of a single variety from an individual farm. The point is to highlight the flavor potential of this particular variety. Pink Bourbon is a hybrid of Red and Yellow Bourbon. It is very rare and difficult to produce with consistency, according to the producers. We are pleased to get a small batch of this speciality! 

Our cupping team found lingering sweet taste with notes of dark chocolate and red berries. Wine like acidity.Colombia Pink Bourbon.

Product details

Roast level: 1/5

Origin: Cauca, Colombia

Farm: Finca Juan Martin

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Altitude: 2050 masl

Processing: Natural

Tasting notes: dark chocolate, red berries. Lingering sweet aftertaste and smooth with winey acidity

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