Barista Space grinder - 2 options

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Barista Space grinder - 2 options

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Product description

The Barista Space hand grinder has stable steel blades and a convenient grind adjustment that allows you to grind coffee for different methods.

The body and tank are made of aluminum, which makes the coffee grinder stable and durable. The bean holder can hold up to 18 grams of beans, which is enough to make a large cup of coffee. The lower tank is screwed to the top so it stays firmly in place during grinding. The silicone tape around the body supports the grip and the handle is finished with a wooden knob.

Product details

  • The mill has conical blades on the shaft and is made of stainless steel.
  • The mill is stable and offers higher grinding accuracy than ceramic mills.
  • The coffee grinder has a grind control that allows you to grind for various coffee-making method.
  • The grinding roughness is adjusted with a knob below the mill with a numerical scale.

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