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Good Work Starts with Good and Fresh Coffee!

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Product description

Time to bring new energy to your office! Good work starts with a good and fresh coffee.

What you get: 6 x 1kg coffee pack. See more detailed information below.

You can choose whole beans or your preferred grind size.

Product details

In this bundle, you get 6 bags of different coffees, ranging from light to dark roast:

Guatemala 1/5 Huehuetenango 1kg:  bright, delicate, citrus with a touch of chocolate. One of the best coffee regions in Guatemala.

Ethiopia 2/5 Suke Quto Organic 1kg: fresh, full of citrus and floral notes. Suke Quto coffee is a Flagship coffee from Guji, Ethiopia.

Indonesia 3/5 Kokowagayo Organic + Fairtrade 1kg:  chocolate, cherry-like, sweet aftertaste. Organic, Fairtrade and supports women in coffee via the Cafe Femenino program.

Ethiopia 3/5 Yirgacheffe Aricha 1kg: mandarin and floral aromas with a honey-like aftertaste.Our newest coffee in the selection.

Master Espresso 4/5 1kg:  caramel, raspberry, strong and full-bodied mouthfeel. A blend of dark roasted Brazilian and Ethiopian coffee that captures the nuances of each origin.

Brasil Daterra Sweet Collection 4/5 1kg: tangerine, caramel and dark chocolate. Sweet and lingering aftertaste. Super effective for a Monday morning.

    Psst. 6kg of coffee = about 780 cups (1 cup = 1.25dl).

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