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Japan Shincha Gyokuro Luomu

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Product description

A rare and high quality Tencha tea, hand-picked from the first harvest of spring.

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Japan is famous for its interesting tea culture and produces top qualities for the world, many of which are already organically certified today. The first harvests of spring are always the best. Sincha means the first harvest of spring and Kagoshima is Japan’s second largest and most developing tea area.

The fresh green needle-like leaves, when properly stewed, offer a rich taste experience, and in the summer, this sweet super food also comes with a tasty cold brew version.

Our cupping team discovered sophisticated honey, umam, herbal nuances and a velvety mouthfeel in the tea.

  • 1-3 min
  • 50-70 degree
  • can be stewed more than once

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