Guatemala Huehuetenango Micaela Domingo 3/5

Guatemala Huehuetenango Micaela Domingo 3/5

Guatemala Huehuetenango Micaela Domingo 3/5

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The newest micro-lot from Mokkamestarit comes from Huehuetanango coffee region in Guatemala. Micaela Domingo is a second generation coffee farmer on her small 5,8 hectare T'Zun-Wit'z coffee estate in Conceptión Huista municipality. During harvest Micaela takes care that only the ripest cherries are picked and carefully processed during the next five days.

The name of the coffee estate, T'zun-Wit'z, comes from the local native language and means "Birth of the Mountain". According to history, local people performed religious rites on the mountain in order to improve fertility and harvest.

Micaela inherited the estate from her parents and manages the farm alone with her children. Due to financial difficulties, Micaela's husband had to move to the USA. "Being a female farmer has not limited my coffee farming. I am grateful to my children and the neighbouring families for the success of my farm.", says Micaela. She is a member of the El Sendero cooperative that offers guidance and support to the coffee farmers of Conceptión Huista.

Variety: Caturra, Catuai and Bourbon. Altitude: 1700-1750 m a.s.l. Processing: Washed.

  • Roast level: 3/5
  • Flavour: Citrussy and floral
  • Mouthfeel: Fresh
  • Acidity: Medium acidic

Storage: Unopened package will stay fresh until the best before date; opened package should be used within 3-5 weeks. Store in a cool, dry place away from heat and light sources.



Grind yourself

Extra Coarse
Coffee pot

French Press, percolator, auto drip

Drip, Chemex, Hario V60, cold brew, aeropress

Espresso, moka pot

Extra Fine
Turkish Ibrik-pot

Grind levels above are recommmendations. You can find suitable grind level for each device by testing.

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