Gift Card

Gift Card

Gift Card

From 20,00€

Please note, that you can’t order other products with the Gift Card. Please order Gift Card separately.

Mokkamestarit Gift Card entitles to a one-time discount in Mokkamestarit webstore worth the amount on the card.

You will get the Gift Card in PDF-format via e-mail, which you can print out or send forward to the recipient. Delivery time max 3 days.

The code found on the Gift Card is entered in the campaign code field at the order confirmation page. The Gift Card is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.



Grind yourself

Extra Coarse
Coffee pot

French Press, percolator, auto drip

Drip, Chemex, Hario V60, cold brew, aeropress

Espresso, moka pot

Extra Fine
Turkish Ibrik-pot

Grind levels above are recommmendations. You can find suitable grind level for each device by testing.

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